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Parimatch Betting Tips

Betting has been increasing in popularity over the course of the last 25 years. This is not surprising, as people always felt the thrill of making a correct decision and winning over their friends. Betting involves making predictions that will make you win money. And while 15 years ago betting only involved offline activities, nowadays, a lot of bookmakers offer their players online activities. This means that the more sports and casino games there are, the more you need to know to make correct bets.

And while it was difficult to learn and obtain information some years ago, it’s easy to learn now. This is exactly why we have gathered the information about placing correct bets, and are happy to present to you our betting Parimatch tips. With them, you’ll make sure to increase your winning percentage a lot.

What are the betting tips?

First and most important, let’s consider the betting tips. There are a lot of them, and by following them, you are almost guaranteed to have a great winning bet. So, without further ado, here are the Parimatch betting tips:

  • Track all of your bets. It doesn’t matter how, the important part is that you definitely need to keep track of your bets. By doing so, you will be surprised to see how much your bet wins will increase in the future, and see where you’re profitable and where you’re not.
  • Reduce risk when possible. By doing so, you will still get good value bets, where it’s plus money and it’s going to pay you out a good chunk. 
  • Bankroll management. It’s critical, you need to watch your funds. You’re going to go bankrupt if you are betting 60-70% of your bankroll on any given bet, so make sure to manage your bankroll.
  • Don’t blow your winnings in the casino games. This is a typical problem, yet it’s necessary to consider. When people win big money on casino games, they feel ecstasy, and therefore think that they can win even more, and end up losing all of their previous winnings. So learn when to stop.
  • Trust the numbers. You need to understand value. Usually, when people want to place a bet, they think that the odds that are lower have more chance to win. And that’s usually true, but sometimes, the team that has less chance of winning still obtains victory.
  • Don’t be afraid to pass on a bet. If the numbers aren’t right, if the line moves in the wrong direction, if the spread changes and there’s no value there, pass on it. You won’t lose anything, in fact, most of the time, you’ll save a good amount of money.
  • Learn from those with experience. This is pretty obvious, but there’s a saying “There’s always a bigger fish”. There are a lot of people who have great experience in the fields that you’re not familiar with, so don’t be afraid to ask them something.

These are not all the tips you can find. There are a lot more of them, but in general, we want to say that you should place more accurate bets, and only when you’re sure it will win.

Betting markets and odds

Betting markets and odds

Now that we’ve talked about the tips you should consider, let’s also learn about the betting markets. It’s also really important, as if you consider the tips and odds, you’ll make sure to have a greater win. Here’s a list of betting markets.

Single Bet

A single bet is a bet that you place on the single outcome of an event, and probably the easiest type of bet you can place. Let’s look at the example. You want to place a bet on a match between CSK vs RCB. And all you need to do to win a single bet is to predict which team will win. If CSK wins and you placed a bet on CSK – congratulations, you just won.

Express rates

Express bets are almost the same as a single bet, except in express bets, you place multiple single bets in different matches on different outcomes. If even one of the bets loses, your whole express bet will lose.


System bets consist of several accumulators of the same size on a predetermined number of outcomes. You can calculate the pay-out, and the returns on all accumulators included in the system are added up. This bet works on the principle of permutation and combination.

Why You Should Choose our IPL Betting Tips

When it comes to learning about today cricket betting tips, it’s important to consider multiple advisers. But, we can definitely say that while a lot of people offer different betting tips, the tips that we have collected will give you the greatest chance of winning a bet on any match.

Free Cricket Betting Tips & Cricket Match Prediction

There are a lot of different sports that you can choose for betting, but one of the most interesting sports for betting is undoubtedly cricket. The game has a lot of different aspects that make the game more interesting, and therefore, it’s our duty to present to you betting tips cricket.

  • Odds. When making bets on cricket, taking odds into consideration is crucial, since the better the odds, the better the win. 
  • Tournaments. Experiment with different tournaments. This will help you collect as much information about teams of cricket as possible, which will lead you to more concrete decisions and better bets.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Cricket is a sport that is played outdoors on a large field, and it means that the match can be intruded by weather conditions. Of course, if the weather is rainy or there is a storm, the match won’t be played. But even if the match is played, the wind can make the direction of a flying ball different. So it’s important to consider the weather.
  • Check out the teams before placing a bet. This is a very important point, as there are over 15 teams with 11 players in it. This means that the outcome of the match can become different when one player goes on the bench, and the other player comes out to play. Each player has his own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to learn about each player and its team in general.
  • Examine the venue. There may be times when a team that is used to playing on their own field has to play on the other team’s field, and therefore, they may feel uncomfortable physically and emotionally. Also, keep an eye on teams and their players. This will help you better understand each player’s or team’s abilities, which will increase your win rate.

What types of sports do you have to predict?

What types of sports do you have to predict

There are tons of sports that bookmakers offer, so let’s check out all the sports that we can make predictions on.


In football, you can predict the outcome of the match, the winner of the coin toss, as well as an outcome of a certain player.


Cricket involves multiple predictions to make, like top batsman, top bowler, the outcome of the match, a performance of a certain player etc.


You can place bets on both regular volleyball and beach volleyball. Their bets don’t differ that much, and you can place bets on the outcome of a player, outcome of a team, the amount of points a certain player will score etc.


Tennis is a sport that requires great skill, so you can place bets on the outcome of the match, which player will take the first set, the finishing score etc.


Basketball is one of the most popular and interesting sports to bet on. You can place bets on the amount of points a certain player will get, how much rebounds a certain player will get, the outcome of the match etc.

Parimatch Winning Tips

While we have covered some of the tips for greater bets, it’s now time to learn about the winning tips that work best specifically for Parimatch India. Long story short, here they are:

  • Pick your favorite betting strategy. There are a lot of strategies for betting. If you’re new to betting, it would be safer to place bets with lower profit potential and higher winning potential.
  • Don’t rely on accumulator bets. Accumulator bets are made for people who have a great experience betting. And if you’re new to betting, it would be very risky for you to place accumulator bets, as you don’t have enough experience.
  • Try live betting. Live betting has its own advantages over regular bets, but in general, we recommend you to place live bets, as you will see how the match is going live, and therefore, can choose what bet you’re most comfortable with.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Sure, learning about online cricket betting tips is important, but what’s also important is to know what payment methods the bookmaker offers. After doing this, you will see what payment method you are most comfortable with. Parimatch offers a lot of great payment methods to choose from, and we have gathered information about them in the table below.

Payment methodMinimal deposit amountMinimal withdrawal amountWithdrawal timeWithdrawal Fee
BitcoinNo limit750 INRInstantNo fee
VisaNo limit750 INRUp to 2 hoursNo fee
MasterCard750 INR2250 INRUp to 2 hoursNo fee
Skrill75 INR750 INRUp to 2 hoursNo fee
Neteller2600 INR750 INRUp to 2 hoursNo fee
Webmoney75 INRNo limitUp to 2 hoursNo fee
Bank TransferNo limit750 INRInstantNo fee
Entropay750 INR2250 INRUp to 2 hoursNo fee
Qiwi75 INR750 INRUp to 2 hoursNo fee
Yandex Money75 INR750 INRUp to 2 hoursNo fee


Are there more betting markets?

Of course. There are more betting markets available, and they are available at Parimatch.

Can I create multiple accounts?

Unfortunately, no. You are not allowed to create more than one account, as it would involve scamming.

Is PayPal accepted?

No, at the moment, PayPal is not an option. But we can say that Parimatch does everything they can to make the experience of its players better, so PayPal can become an option in the near future.