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Thousands of matches in dozens of sports disciplines are played on Parimatch every day. All of them are available for betting in LINE and LIVE mode and you can choose from hundreds of different odds. On this page we’ll give you all the latest information on which sport disciplines and tournaments are available for you at Parimatch. You’ll also find out how to start betting with real money and get a welcome bonus of up to Rs 12,000 to win even more!


Esports disciplines are disciplines based on the world’s popular computer video games. These disciplines have millions of fans around the world, which also causes great interest in betting on them. The main difference between cybersports and regular games is that players compete against other players.

In cybersport disciplines there are big tournaments and professional teams that are constantly training and coming up with new tactics. The prize pools are huge and can seriously compete with sports disciplines.The widespread media support for these video games creates constant audience growth and therefore room for growth in the area of cybersports betting.

Types of Esports Bets on Parimatch

Types of Esports Bets on Parimatch

Parimatch has everything a bettor could need in cyber sports betting. The bookmaker actively follows all the world trends and adds more and more sports disciplines available for betting. 

We have described for you the most popular and spectacular esports disciplines that you can find on Parimatch.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most popular eSports disciplines in the world. It’s a MOBA game in which two teams fight each other, and the one who first breaks the opponent’s throne wins. Each player on the team has a different role and in Dota 2 there are more than 100 different characters available to choose from, making each game spectacular and unique. 

Counter Strike

Counter Strike is a team-based tactical shooter in which two teams of five players fight each other. The winning team is the one that is first to score 16 victory rounds. This cyber sports discipline is also very popular and Parimatch will offer its fans a lot of interesting odds and tournaments available for betting.

League of Legends

Also a very popular MOBA game from Riot. Here, too, two teams of five players fight against each other. There are over 100 characters, and teams can combine them however they want, making each game completely unique. If you’re a LoL fan, you can bet on all the official matches at Parimatch.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft has been around for more than 10 years, and international tournaments are actively held on it. It is a strategy game where the user needs to build a base, gather troops and destroy the opponent’s base. Winning requires maximum precision, which makes Starcraft interesting to watch and bet on.


A team shooter from Blizzard, where there are several map formats that determine what you have to do to win. Overwatch is a futuristic tactical shooter where teams must also choose a good combination of characters (of which there are dozens) and score the most winning rounds. Each character has a unique set of abilities, which makes the game more interesting.


Valorant is a multiplayer shooter from the creators of League of Legends, which also fights two teams of five players on a small map. Each agent here also has unique abilities that can lead the team to victory. The team that wins first wins 13 rounds in a match wins.

Call of Duty

Also an interesting classic tactical shooter where two teams fight each other. The task of one team is to complete a combat mission, and the other is to do everything possible to prevent this by destroying the opponent. Call of Duty boasts its dynamism, great choice of ammunition and interesting battlefields.


The world’s most popular tactical shooter in the Battle Royale genre. Pubg is one of the most interesting sports disciplines. The match involves 25 teams of 4 players who land on a deserted island, studded with cars, motorcycles and a lot of ammunition. The team that can destroy the opponents and survive wins.


A sci-fi team-based first-person shooter. The main difference from other representatives is full futuristic, a lot of interesting gadgets allow you to come up with a variety of tactics to achieve victory. 


Warcraft was released in 2002 and still remains a relevant cybersport discipline in the strategy genre. It is a large fantasy world with its own races, each of which is unique and requires some skill and tactics. Tournament formats are varied, but most often players fight among themselves until only one remains on the map.

King of Glory

King of Glory is one of the largest MOBAs that is multiplatform and available to play from Android and iOS, making it a unique cyber sports discipline. Here, too, teams of 5 players choose from dozens of different characters with unique abilities and must break the opponent’s base to win.


A fairly new tactical first-person shooter, where each character has unique features and abilities. Teams of 5 players choose characters and must either destroy the enemy or complete a combat task on a specific map, of which there are also dozens.


The betting process on Parimatch is very simple and you can start playing for real money within minutes after visiting our website or logging in to the app. In order to place a real money bet on an esports match at Parimatch, the player needs to:


Complete the registration process;

Click on the “Sign UP” button on the official website or in the Parimatch app. This will open a registration page in front of you, where you will need to enter your phone number and also come up with a password. You will then receive an OTP code, which you will need to enter in a special window. After you do this, you will be successfully authorized and your account will be created and linked to your phone number.


Refill your game account;

Click the deposit button in the menu, this will take you to the right page. Parimatch offers players a wide variety of convenient payment systems. You need to choose among them the most convenient and enter the amount in a special window. Then just confirm the monetary transaction on the page of the payment system. After that, the money will instantly appear on your balance.


Select Esports Match;

Go to the Parimatch homepage and select one of the sports you are interested in. Clicking on it will bring you to the discipline page. There you will be able to select the LINE or LIVE mode match you are interested in.


Make a bet;

On the page of the match, you will see a lot of odds available for your bets. Choose among them the one you like and click on it. After that, enter the amount of your bet and confirm it.

You’re all set!

Now your bet for real money on an esports match is successfully placed. As soon as the game event is over, you will automatically get your winnings into your betting account, and they will be available for withdrawal.

By choosing Parimatch for your esports betting, you can earn rupees in a few clicks!


Technically it is. Sporting disciplines have long been part of the culture and bring more and more fans and bettors together. In some countries, sports disciplines are considered sporting disciplines at the state level. That is why the mechanics of betting on esports also does not differ from the usual sports betting.

A lot of interesting things also happen during a cybersport match, teams are made up of several players, which allows Parimatch to offer players many outcomes available for betting in LINE or LIVE, including individual stats.

Speaking of LIVE betting, with the course of a match things can constantly change, a team can gain or lose an advantage, which makes the LIVE Betting experience exciting as well. You can also watch online broadcasts of spectacular matches to get even more enjoyment.

We can briefly summarize that esports disciplines like sports are very entertaining and deserve the attention of bettors. In fact, speaking of betting, the process is exactly the same.



Every official match, both major international and small regional, will be available for your betting on Parimatch esports.

You will be able to choose from hundreds of odds, watch broadcasts in good quality, study statistics and place bets instantly, earning money.

We have listed the largest tournaments that exist within a particular sporting discipline and attract tens of millions of spectators.

Dota 2 – The International

The largest tournament that brings together the best Dota 2 teams from around the world. Teams accumulate points for their achievements throughout the year and the best of them take part in The International.

CS:GO – PGL Major

The largest CS:GO tournament, bringing together more than 20 teams in the tournament grid.

Starcraft 2 – World Championship

World Championship, sponsored by Blizzard, featuring the 16 highest-ranked players.

Overwatch World Cup

National teams from different countries participate in the championship. Team players are determined by user voting.

VALORANT Champions

The top 16 teams in the championship are the top-ranked teams from the season.

Call of Duty League Championship

The 32 best teams in the world qualify for this tournament based on ranking points.

PUBG Global Championship

The biggest PUBG tournament for the best teams of the year.

Halo World Championship

The best clubs are fighting among themselves for the big prize fund and the world title.

Warcraft World Champions League

The best players of the ranking season are invited to participate and compete for the big prize.

King of Glory – Honor of Kings Champion Cup

The tournament is attended by 16 of the best and best-known teams that have shown excellent play in the intermediate tournaments of the season.

Rainbow 6 Siege World Cup

20 teams gather from all over the world to fight for championship status in a tactical shooter.


A welcome bonus is available for all new Parimatch India players, which applies to the first deposit.

You can get 150% on your first deposit up to Rs. 12,000!

This bonus is awarded in the form of bonus money which you can use for betting on any esports matches in LINE and LIVE mode. 

The amount of bonus directly depends on the amount of deposit and in the table we reflected how much money you can get.

First depositFinal Balance
Rs 300Rs 750
Rs 1000Rs 2500
Rs 5000Rs 12,500
Rs 7000Rs 17,500
Rs 8000Rs 20,000

Bonus is available for withdrawal, but withdrawal conditions must be fulfilled.


Is it legal to bet on Parimatch in India?

Yes, it is legal, because sports betting is skill betting, which is not illegal in India. Moreover, Parimatch is a licensed bookmaker, licensed by Curacao eGaming and complies with the jurisdictions of the region in which it offers its services.

Can I bet on esports in the Parimatch app?

Yes, Parimatch has its own app for Android and iOS which you can download for free from the official website. It has all the functionality you need to make money in esports betting.

Can I watch LIVE broadcasts of eSports matches on Parimatch?

Yes, all LIVE broadcasts are available for Parimatch users absolutely for free on the page of the match you are interested in. You can place LIVE bets while you are watching.

Can I create multiple accounts to get Parimatch bonuses?

No, you cannot do that. The bonus is only available once for any new player who does not have any other Parimatch accounts.