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Solving your problems quickly is possible with Parimatch support. You can contact our team in India by several methods, including phone, email, online chat, and social media. Read on to know the ways to apply and the key terms of getting help.

How to Contact Parimatch Support in India

How to Contact Parimatch Support in India

Helping you find the solution to any issue related to the Parimatch platform is the priority of our support team. There are several ways that you can tell us about the problem, most of them are listed at the bottom of the webpage. They are available even if you are not authorized in the system.


For Parimatch users in India, there is an email address [email protected], which can be used for your requests. Please write as many details of the problem as you can, this will make the process much simpler and faster. Also, you may attach some screenshots or scanned documents if needed, this will be beneficial for the Parimatch help team too.

Feedback form

In case you are authorized on the Parimatch website or an app, you can use the feedback form instead of email, as it is more interactive. Find the “Help” button, click it, and fill in the form, including your name, account ID, phone number, email address, the subject, and the message about your issue. In the end, click the “Submit” button to send the information.

Phone Number

Helpline is available for all our users, you can call the Parimatch customer care number. In India, you can contact our team by calling +447059761859. Please prepare all the details of the problem in advance so that you can answer the support staff’s questions quickly and provide full information. Also, be ready to give some personal information, which helps the team to ensure that you are a real account owner.

Online Chat

The quickest way to get your questions answered is to write them in the online chat. It can be accessed by clicking the pop-up in the bottom right on the official website. This button “Have questions” will open a dialogue with a support member and the communication will be held in real-time. Note that you will need to provide your name and email address or log in by using your Google+ or Facebook profile.

Social Media

If you need a more convenient way to contact Parimatch support, you can use our social media accounts. Our team will answer your questions on Whatsapp and Telegram. Just search for the number +447059761859, add it to your contacts, and you can send the message.

Frequent Problems that Parimatch Support solve

frequent problems solved by parimatch support

This is the list of the most common problems solved by Parimatch support sorted by categories:

  • Account: difficulties with registration, verification, the reasons for blocking an account, reporting unauthorized access, password recovery, changing personal information or settings.
  • Application: downloading, installing, and using the Parimatch app hassle-free.
  • Parimach Bonus: how to obtain bonuses, how to use them, and what to do if you haven’t received them.
  • Payments: how to avoid deposit issues, solving problems with failure transactions, available payment methods and their activation, the timing of transactions, etc.
  • Website: accessing the website if it is blocked or unavailable, learning the main functions and rules of the platform alongside basic betting strategies.

How to Complain about Parimatch Customer Help

how to complain about parimatch customer help

In case your problem is not solved, don’t worry and call the contact number in Parimatch India +447059761859. Tell the support team member about your problem again and mention that you requested help but didn’t get it. We care about our customers and will try our best to find the solution, taking into consideration all the details you provide.

How Quickly Does PariMatch Respond to Requests?

How Quickly Does PariMatch Respond to Requests

Parimatch support is one of the fastest on the betting market. However, some contact methods will allow you to get answers almost instantly while others may take a couple of days.

The quickest options are online chat and phone hotline. You only need to wait for a maximum of 10 minutes while the team member collects the information and searches for the solution. On the other hand, if you fill the feedback form or send a direct email message, obtaining an answer may take up to three days.

Note that you also need to align the seriousness of the issue and the contact method, some simple problems will be easily solved in the online chat or by phone. But, if the documents are needed or there are too many important details to mention, it is better to write an email.


How to contact Parimatch support?

You can send a request by email [email protected], call the hotline +447059761859, or write in an online chat.

How long will it take to solve the problem?

The period depends on the difficulty level of the issue. The answer in an online chat and by phone are given in up to 10 minutes, the answer by email can be received in a maximum of 3 days.

How can I complain about ineffective help?

Please call the hotline in India +447059761859 and tell us about your experience, so we can help you.