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Numerous bookies provide online sports betting in India, but not all of them are trustworthy, generous, or legal. Consider signing up with Parimatch if you wish to explore the fascinating world of Kabaddi betting with confidence. Both the Parimatch India website and one of the bookmaker’s apps are options. To learn more fascinating facts about Parimatch online betting, keep reading this post.

Kabaddi Events You Can Bet on at Parimatch

Since the Pro Kabaddi League season started, millions of gamblers all over the world have started placing bets on the outcomes of various games. To meet the requirements of Indian gamblers, bookmakers in India have created hundreds of betting events for the Kabaddi market alone. The world’s most renowned Kabaddi leagues are known for their betting. Now let’s examine the top Kabaddi betting events at Parimatch:

Vivo Pro Kabaddi LeagueTwelve teams fight for the overall championship in what is now the biggest betting event and the most prestigious Kabaddi tournament. Typically, the games start in July and go through October. Two elimination rounds, two semifinal matches, and a championship game make up the playoff series. Pro Kabaddi betting may help you win!
Kabaddi World CupIt’s one of the most well-known blue riband international competitions, and it was first staged in India 17 years ago. The inaugural Women’s Kabaddi World Cup was staged in India five years ago. There are now 12 nations vying for the top prize.
Kabaddi MastersThe inaugural edition of this international Kabaddi competition took place in 2018. The six most powerful national teams, including those from Argentina, Pakistan, Iran, India, and Kenya, fight for the top prizes in this tournament. The best team is said to be the Indian one.

India is in first place in each of these competitions. So place your Kabaddi India wager on Parimatch, and you’ll succeed!

How to Bet on Kabaddi at Parimatch India?

With Parimatch, betting on the Pro Kabaddi league or any event is simple. Simply complete the following:


Become a member of the bookmaker;


Register with your account;


Invest some money;


Visit the Kabaddi matches;


Select a competition. For instance, if Pro Kabaddi betting is of interest to you, attend the matches in this league;


Choose a game;


To place a wager, pick the odds that appeal to you the most;


To set a bet size, switch to a bet slip.

Indian rupee deposits can be made using a variety of payment methods through Parimatch. A welcome offer, which is granted on your initial deposit, is the very first bonus offer to select in terms of bonuses. You get access to a variety of additional fantastic promos as a player who has registered on the Parimatch Indian website. Always keep in mind that Parimatch offers both pre-match and live Kabaddi betting, allowing you to select the one you want.

Kabaddi Betting Odds

kabaddi betting odds

You must first research the Kabaddi betting odds on Parimatch, assess the benefits and drawbacks, and only then can you place your wagers. Our odds’ main goal is to make it easier for you to forecast game outcomes and determine who has a better probability of winning and who is more likely to lose. So let’s get to the primary Kabaddi wager options that Parimatch offers! Among Kabaddi betting sites, we offer the best betting market.

  • 3-way betting. You have three potential outcomes while placing 3-way bets, and your objective is to select the best one. This kind of wager typically refers to the outcome after the game is over. Team 1 triumphs, Team 2 triumphs, and a tie, for instance;
  • Double Chance. This sort of betting’s primary objective is to increase your chances of winning from a single event. It is typically utilized to cover two potential game outcomes with a single wager. Typically, it includes both teams’ victories and draws;
  • Total. This kind of wager is also known as an over/under. By selecting this option, you are placing a wager on the total number of points that both teams will score during a game;
  • Handicap. It’s a helpful technique for bookmakers that they employ to level the playing field by giving each pick a virtual deficit. It is known as “line betting” or “point betting” by some bookmakers;
  • Odd/Even. This online Kabaddi betting market’s main goal is to determine whether a game’s final score will be even (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) or odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc.).

Kabaddi Live Betting

As you can see, there are many different betting markets available for Kabaddi. But placing live bets on your preferred side while the game is taking place is the most thrilling aspect of this game (not a few hours before the game). The ability to place a successful wager while watching the game is one of the key reasons why gamblers enjoy live Kabaddi betting online.

Whether people watch the game or not is irrelevant when placing pre-match wagers. However, when you place a live wager, you do it while the contest is already underway at the specified time. Due to your increased focus on the action, such wagers are frequently more accurate. So place your Kabaddi wager now!

Kabaddi Betting App

kabaddi betting app

Nothing could be more thrilling than placing a wager while you’re on the go. You cannot just wait for the games to begin while in front of your computer. Additionally, because of the digital transition, individuals now want to do tasks while on the go. At Parimatch, we respect your valuable time. Using the Pro Kabaddi Betting App, you can succeed! You may easily wager while on the go with our user-friendly mobile app.
Keep in mind that not all bookmakers provide betting applications for Kabaddi, which is inconvenient. We offer a user-friendly mobile app on Parimatch that enables you to bet quickly and easily from iOS or Android-based devices. The benefits for mobile users are the same as for desktop users. To bring Kabaddi betting closer to you, visit our website and download our app if you prefer mobile betting.

Kabaddi Betting Tips

To make sure that you will enjoy the best possible experience and the highest chances of winning, you should keep in mind the following tips:

  • Read predictions. You may get a variety of forecasts from betting specialists on certain events. You may find out which team has a better probability of winning by reading the advice offered by reliable experts on a certain event. It is an excellent method for finding the greatest Parimatch Kabaddi odds with no risk. There are both free and paid forecasts, it should be noted. The latter enables selecting scenarios with better probabilities;
  • To learn about the most recent performance of both teams, look at the statistics. You’re interested in knowing how many wins, losses, and draws each team experienced in their most recent matches. Observe the outcomes of the teams’ prior meetings, too;
  • For hassle-free online betting in India, sign up with a trustworthy, reputable supplier. This is how you will receive good odds and fair payments. Keep in mind that Parimatch is a reliable and welcoming online bookmaker for you to take into consideration;

Utilize the Parimatch Kabaddi bonus and other marketing incentives. Your chances of winning are higher the more money you have in your account. You should keep in mind the wagering limits and other criteria, too, to be able to withdraw your earnings.

Parimatch Bonus on Kabaddi 

The initial minimum deposit must be made to qualify for the wonderful free welcome bonus of up to INR 12,000 if you are still new to betting on Parimatch India. Deposit money at the cashier and watch for replenishment to get the bonus applied to your account. Before withdrawing funds for betting, you must first:

  • 5 times the bonus amount in wagers;
  • Bet on games featuring gods with 1.5 or more;
  • Finish it within a week.

If the funds are not provided within seven days, they will vanish. The incentive ranges from 300 rupees at the lowest end to 12,000 rupees at the highest. Before money may be taken out of your account, your identity, email address, and phone number must be confirmed.


What is Kabaddi?

One of the most well-liked team sports in India is Kabaddi, in which two teams each consist of seven players. During the raid, the participants must shout “Kabaddi, Kabaddi” while attempting to capture their opponents.

Is Kabaddi Available For Live Streaming At Parimatch?

Yes, Kabaddi matches may be streamed live. All you have to do is register for an account on the website that can broadcast a particular tournament live.

Can I Use A Kabaddi Betting App To Participate?

You can play Kabaddi using a betting app, yes. You may enjoy live streaming and betting whenever and wherever you want thanks to the mobile app.

Can I Wager in Indian Rupees on Kabaddi?

You may use Indian rupees to wager on Kabaddi, yes. You can often make bets in INR and withdraw your profits in INR, depending on the bookmaker.