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Virtual Sports are sports games but without any real people. Is it possible? In recent years the industry of virtual sports is developing. It is a game designed by a computer that includes the peculiarities of teams and players, the peculiarities of sport. This is a model of a real sport. The distinctive feature is that the matches are much smaller in duration, but the drive from the betting remains the same. We offer Indian Parimatch users the to play the World Cup in just a couple of minutes! Our developers are adding more and more new sports to the virtual sports section. We offer Parimatch users the opportunity to play virtual sports games in their favorite disciplines.

most popular virtual sports at parimatch

Bookmaker office offers a large selection of virtual sports. The most popular are:

  • Virtual Football;
  • Virtual Horses;
  • Virtual Speedway;
  • Virtual Tennis;
  • Virtual dog racing;
  • Virtual basketball;
  • Virtual Football.

Virtual soccer is a virtual sport that corresponds to an ordinary sport. All kinds of tournaments, teams, and games are present. The advantage of betting on virtual sports is that it lasts much less than usual, thus we provide an opportunity to bet much more because of the shorter duration of matches.

Virtual Horses

Virtual Horse Racing.Horse racing is a sport where bets are placed according to a special system. In races, the winner is the one who comes to the finish line first.  

Horse racing differs from team events also in that there are many more competitors, so there are many outcomes to bet on for horse racing. We have developed virtual horse races for Indian Parimatch site users, which keeps the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation of winning. Virtual horse racing lasts for a fraction of the time and the number of bets you can place is much less.

Virtual Speedway

In the Parimatch app for Indian users, we provide the opportunity to visit a motorcycle race. You can expect unique and exciting gameplay there, with big payouts and different types of bets. Virtual motorcycle races are full of the drive that real sports have to offer!

Virtual Tennis

Virtual Tennis is a kind of virtual sport. Unlike the classic “real” competitions, the competition here is held in a specific simulator. Virtual Tennis regularly holds championships, just like in the real sport. There is even a division into leagues and seasons. Such as ATP Tour and WTA Tour, Britannia Open. Under “Virtual Sports” you can find upcoming games and choose which game to bet on. 

Virtual dog racing

Virtual dog racing becomes realistic as the race is broadcast at the same time and you decide how long before the new race starts. A rich, modern design that guarantees our users the same level of thrill and excitement as being on a real racetrack.

Virtual basketball

Now the graphics of the virtual basketball game are so realistic that the player is at the match, as the game unfolds like a real match. This type of online betting is becoming more popular. Since the players are virtual, there is no factor in injuries or team game histories. Betting on virtual sports is always interesting, fun and gambling. 

At Parimatch, Indian users have access to online betting on virtual sports. The games are live-streamed all the time with great sound and realistic graphics as well as a full range of bets and the best odds to bet on. 

How to bet on virtual sports at Parimatch

Parimatch provides a convenient scheme for the registration and organization of betting on virtual sports for its users. In the section “virtual sports” see virtual analogs of real game disciplines, our developers add new game disciplines for our players.


Go to the official website or mobile application;


Before betting on virtual sports Parimatch, a new user must create an account and complete registration;


Log in and make a deposit;


Go to the “Virtual Sports” section;


In the section select the sport you are interested in, and the competition/team on which you want to make;


Select the odds of your bet;


Choose an amount you want to bet, as well as a type of bet, which is convenient for you;


Press “Place a bet”;


Wait until the game is over, your winnings will be automatically added to your account.

Betting Options and Markets

betting options and markets

Types of bets for games are basic, but some will be different depending on the type of game you have chosen. The main types of bets are:

  • Ordinaries;
  • Express;
  • System;
  • Live and Pre-match. 

Mobile Virtual Sports betting at Parimatch

Our developers have developed a user-friendly mobile app that supports all smartphone operating systems. Some of the features that make the application popular among users:

  • Easy registration;
  • Live streaming;
  • Online mode;
  • In-play feature;
  • Numerous variations of sports betting (virtual sports as well);
  • Deposit and withdrawal.

The mobile app is fully consistent with the site, Parimatch India users can choose both basic bets for all sports and individual bets for virtual sports. In the mobile app, you choose a bet that is convenient for you (single, express, system, pre-match). You can also set up betting lines for specific virtual sports. 

Bonuses for virtual sports betting

Parimatch India bookmaker’s office does everything to let new and regular users get the most out of it and get money for virtual sports betting. When registering and making the first deposit for virtual sports betting the user receives a bonus. The bonus is up to 20,000 Indian rupees, and the time to use the bonus is 7 days.

Parimatch for Indian users accrues bonuses to its players for winning on virtual sports. The maximum percentage of the bonus is 40% of the deposit amount. The number of bonuses depends on the events in the Express:

  • 1 game – 5% bonus;
  • 2 games – 10% bonus
  • 3 games – 5% bonus; 
  • 4 games – 10% bonus; 
  • 5 games – 15% bonus,
  • 6 games – 20% bonus;
  • 7 games – 25% bonus;
  • 8 games – 30% bonus; 
  • 9 games – 35% bonus; 
  • 10 games – 40% bonus.


Can I bet on more than one type of virtual game?

Yes, we offer our users the opportunity to bet not only on different types of games. You can choose different competitions and championships that are interesting to you, and different event outcomes that you think are right.

Can I get bonuses in the mobile app?

Parimatch has developed a bonus program for both Indian players who use the official website and the mobile app. You get bonuses not only when you sign up, but also when you bet on virtual sports.

Can I watch the virtual game on my device in live mode?

Yes, you can watch broadcasts of your games, both on your mobile device and on your computer. Our developers will optimize broadcasts for your screen diagonal with the best design.

Are virtual games any different from real games?

No, thanks to the latest design and real sound, the player gets to be in the tournaments. Matches are held regardless of the factor of bad weather, injuries, or conflicts. Also, you can choose when to start your race, and even participate in the world championships! You get the same atmosphere and sense of adrenaline as in a real sport.

Can I bet on virtual sports if I am under 18?

No, betting on virtual sports, as well as bets on real sports gambling. Thus, only adult players can place bets.